Area of Responsibility


FESCO, or Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, is one of the power distribution companies in Pakistan. It is responsible for supplying electricity to the Faisalabad region, which is a major industrial and economic hub in the country. FESCO was established in 1998 after the restructuring of the power sector in Pakistan, which led to the creation of several distribution companies to improve efficiency and service delivery. The specific areas within FESCO's jurisdiction include:

  1. Faisalabad: FESCO serves the city of Faisalabad, which is one of the major industrial and economic centers in Pakistan. It is an important hub for textile and manufacturing industries.

  2. Jhang: Jhang is a city and district located in the western part of Punjab. FESCO is responsible for providing electricity to the residents and businesses in this area.

  3. Chiniot: Chiniot is another district within FESCO's coverage area. It is known for its historical significance and cultural heritage.

  4. Toba Tek Singh: FESCO also covers Toba Tek Singh, a district in the central Punjab region known for its agricultural activities.

  5. Sargodha

  6. Mianwali

These areas collectively constitute the operational area of FESCO, and the company is tasked with managing the distribution of electricity, maintaining the distribution infrastructure, addressing technical issues, and ensuring a reliable power supply to the consumers in these regions. FESCO operates under the regulatory framework set by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and works to meet the electricity demands of its customers while adhering to established standards and guidelines.