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GST No. 24-00-2716-001-19          NTN No. 3048930-0


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01- FESCO Tender Notice For Supply of Tyres (Tender 10/2017 Uploaded on 26-05-2017)
02- FESCO Tender Notice For Supply of Material (Tender No.09/2017 Uploaded on 26-05-2017)
03- Invitation To  Bid For Publication (Tender No.99-101/PMU/FESCO/GSC/2016-17 Uploaded on 26-05-2017)
04- FESCO Tender Notice For Construction of Building works from Contractors (Tender No.1522-26 Uploaded on 23-05-2017)  
05- FESCO Tender Notice For Supply Of  Computer media Items (Tender No.1235/FCC/FESCO/2017-18 Uploaded on 22-05-2017)  
06- FESCO Tender Notice For  Supply Of  Computer media  Items (Tender No.1234  Uploaded on 22-05-2017)  
07- FESCO Tender Notice For  Supply Of Computer Stationery Items (Tender No.1233/FCC/FESCO/2017-18  Uploaded on 22-05-2017)  
08- FESCO Tender Notice For  Supply Of Tyre/Tubes of vehicles (Tender No.117/GSC Uploaded on 18-05-2017)  
09- FESCO Tender Notice For  Stringing on Lynx Conductor  (Tender No.116/GSC  Uploaded on 18-05-2017)  
10- FESCO Re-Tender Notice For  Installation of Electrical Equipment's at various Grid Stations  (Tender No.115/GSC Uploaded on 17-05-2017)  
11- FESCO Tender Notice For Maintenance & Repair (Tender No.1491-94 Uploaded on 17-05-2017)  
12- FESCO Tender Notice For  supply of Paper Covered Copper Strips & Enamelled Copper Wire (Tender No.1232/FESCO/TRW/2016-2017 Uploaded on 15-05-2017)  
13- FESCO Tender Notice For  the supply of PPE/T&P Items(Tender No.11182-86 Uploaded on 15-05-2017)  
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