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01- Invitation of Bids for Transportation, Installation, Testing & Commissioning for Extension of 02-No. Line Bays at 132KV Grid Station Bhumb. (Tender 255-256 Uploaded on 17-05-2021)
02- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Networking Items, Toners & Computer Accessories. (Tender 1913-1915 Uploaded on 07-05-2021)  
03- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Equipment for Transformer Reclamation Workshop. (Tender 42-46TRW Uploaded on 06-05-2021)  
04- FESCO Tender Notice for Manufacturing of new Distribution Transformers OR Repair of Distribution Transformers. (Tender 41TRW Uploaded on 06-05-2021)  
05- Corrigendum of Tender 245GSC. Uploaded on 06-05-2021)  
06- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply, Installation & Configuration of Electrical Material. (Tender 146 Uploaded on 06-05-2021)  
07- FESCO Tender Notice for Supply of Firefighting Material. (Tender 253-254GSC Uploaded on 06-05-2021)  
08- FESCO Tender Notice for Construction of Tower Foundation / Erection & Stringing for Up-gradation of Existing 132KV D/C T/Line Nishatabad - Jaranwala City - Scarp Colony – 103/RB at Location. No.37, 38 & 39.. (Tender 252GSC Uploaded on 06-05-2021)  
09- Invitation of Bids for Construction of Tower/Pole Foundations. (Tender 249-251 Uploaded on 06-05-2021)  
10- FESCO Short Tender Notice for Carriage & Erection of HT/LT PC Spun Hollow Poles. (Tender 87-108 Uploaded on 05-05-2021)  
11- Amendment in FESCO Tender Notice. (Tender 139-144 Uploaded on 04-05-2021)  
12- Invitation of Bids for Dismantlement of 06-No. Residences / Quarter and Provision of Environmental and Social Safeguard. (Tender 246-248 Uploaded on 27-04-2021)  
13- Invitation of Bids for Renewal/Procurement of SAP Enterprise Support/SAP License Annual Maintenance Fee in FESCO (Tender ERP-18 Uploaded on 26-04-2021)  
14- FESCO Tender Notice for Construction of Offices. (Tender 146-147 Uploaded on 21-04-2021)  
15- Invitation of Bids for Construction of SE Mianwali Office Mianwali (Tender 145 Uploaded on 21-04-2021)  
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