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                    For Public
01- Uniform Seasonal Pricing Structure  
02- Net Metering Notification/Procedure by NEPRA  
03- Job Application Form (Under Grade 17)  
04- Job Application Form (Grade 17 or Above)  
05- Approved IEE Report For Tranch IV  
06- FESCO Environmental Policy 2014  
07- Offer Of Employment in the Company  
08- New Connections Application Form Performa  
09- New Connections Application Form Procedure  
  For FESCO Offices  
01- Snaps Audit Report 07/2021  
02- Snaps Audit Report 06/2021  
03- Snaps Audit Report 05/2021  
04- Snaps Audit Report 06/2021(Industrial-Agriculture)  
05- Instructions For CFL Entry  
06- Revised Customer Services Manual 06/2020  
07- Transformer Manufacturing Code List  
08- Transformer information instructions  
09- Transformer Updating Performa  
10- Hand Book For Construction Drawings  
11- TimeLine for Disposal of Cases Pertaining to ADMN Directorate FESCO Headquarter  
  For FESCO Employees  
01- ERP HCM & Share Point End User Manuals  
02- Revised WAPDA Telephone Policy 2010  
03- Service Agreement Between FESCO & M/S Telenor Pakistan Regarding Cellular Services  
04- FESCO Employees Master Data for HCM ERP Project  
05- Procedure For Login Email  
06- FESCO Employees List For BESOS Trust  
07- Personal Data Form (for HRMS)  
08- Whistle Blower Protection/Speak up Policy in English  
09- Whistle Blower Protection/Speak up Policy in Urdu  
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