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Central Senior Vice President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Youth Wing Rana Ahmed Shahryar Khan met Malik Tahsin Awan in his office and congratulated him on assuming the charge of Chairman FESCO Board of Directors. At this occasion, he presented a bouquet of flowers and expressed good wishes on behalf of Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan. Mr. Ahmed Shahryar said that under the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the present democratic government is striving hard for the development of the economy of the country, industry and agriculture sector and is making efforts to facilitate electricity consumers at their doorsteps. He further said that the electricity has a pivotal role for driving the country's economy, which is being given full attention by the government through ensuring the uninterrupted power supply to the industrial sector. He hoped that Malik Tahseen Awan would utilize his best skills to lead FESCO towards more progress. He further said that he is a multi-faceted personality and assuming the charge will ensure improvement of FESCO distribution system, construction of new grid stations, acceleration of new connections as well as provision of quality services to consumers. Later Chairman FESCO Board of Directors Malik Tahsin Awan welcomed Central Senior Vice President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Youth Wing Rana Ahmed Shehryar Khan. He said that immediate solution to the electricity related complaints of the consumers is being given the top priority and in this regard, any kind of negligence will not be tolerated. On this occasion, Rana Ahmed Shahryar Khan informed the Chairman FESCO Board about various problems related to electricity in his area. On this, Chairman Board Malik Tahsin Awan and Chief Executive FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmad assured the immediate solution of these problems.



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Engr. Bashir Ahmad has said that convenience would be produced for FESCO consumers by transferring meter reading to modern technology (AMR) in the FESCO region. Major power consumers in the region are being shifted to Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMR) technology, which is yielding positive results. FESCO is working on a project to further expand the modern AMR system, which will be commissioned soon. He expressed these views on the occasion of a briefing given to him regarding AMR meters at MAPCO headquarters. Chief Executive Officer MEPCO Meh Allah Yar was also present on this occasion. CEO FESCO further said that FESCO (Faisalabad) is going to benefit from modern technology and FESCO consumers will also enjoy its fruit like MEPCO. Director Information Technology (IT) MEPCO Qaiser Abbas Naqvi gave a detailed briefing to CEO FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmed and his team about AMR technology. Later, CEO MEPCO Engineer Mehrullah Yar Bharwana visited the Data Retrieval Center of M&T Department and AMI Cell of MEPCO Headquarters for practical awareness to CEO FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmed. General Manager Customer Services FESCO Itrat Hussain, General Manager Customer Services MEPCO Jam Gul Mohammad Zahid, General Manager Operation MEPCO Nasir Ayaz Garmani, Chief Engineer T&G Khalid Nazir, Project Director Construction Sohail Bashir and other officers were also present on this occasion.


The mosque has great importance and greatness in Islam; mosque is a place where Muslim pay their religious obligations said, Chairman Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BODs) Malik Tahsin Awan, he was addressing the grand ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the mosque at FESCO Headquarters Colony here today. Former MNA Haji Akram Ansari, Board Director Iftikhar Ahmad Ansari, General Manager Operation Nazar Muhammad Dub, Chief Engineer Operation Muhammad Nawaz, Staff Officer Abid Rasheed and others were also present on the occasion. Chairman BOD FESCO said that the mosque teaches equality that all people in the world are equal. He further said that no effort will be spared for the welfare of FESCO staff. The space for worshipers in the first mosque was reduced due to which the construction of the new mosque has been started, the construction of this mosque will provide better facilities to the employees and they will be able to perform their prayers and worship in a better way, he added. He further said that the mosque teaches purity, cleanliness, punctuality and orderliness of life. Chairman Board Malik Tahsin Awan directed the civil works directorate to construct the mosque as soon as possible and said that the best materials should be used in the construction of the mosque and special attention should be paid to its beauty. Earlier, Executive Engineer (Civil Works) Shakil Hyder lak briefed the Chairman BOD said that the estimated cost of the mosque is more than 5 million and it would be built on 1450 square feet, It has a capacity of 60 worshipers and the mosque would be constructed in the time period of six months.


All available resources will be utilized for prompt resolution of employee problems as the field staff is the backbone of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO), which is playing a fundamental role in the development of the department said Chairman FESCO Board of Directors Malik Tahsin Awan during a meeting with a delegation of All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union at FESCO headquarters. The delegation was led by Regional Chairman Hydro Union Chaudhry Sarfaraz Handal Chairman BOD said that legitimate demands of the union would be addressed in all possible ways as the solution of the problems of employees is the top priority of the FESCO board. He said that the FESCO administration is working within available resources for the welfare of the workers and the solution of their legitimate demands. There is a good and ideal relationship between the FESCO management and Labor union, due to lack of divergence, employee issues are being resolved very quickly, he added. He further said that safety of staff working on the line from fatal & non-fatal accidents is among the top priorities of the company. Protective equipment has been procured for the line staff with millions of rupees. Malik Tahsin Awan said that FESCO administration, union and employees have to intensify their efforts to make FESCO a profitable company so that its fruits could be shared with the employees. At this occasion, Regional Chairman Hydro Electric Workers Union Chaudhry Sarfaraz Hundal paid tribute to Chairman FESCO Board of Directors Malik Tahsin Awan for taking labor-friendly measures and said that the union would play its role to save line staff from accidents. He also demanded to speed up the process for the promotions of staff at company and circle level. He said that the shortage of employees in all offices should be met according to the yardstick and the yardstick should be revised according to the number of consumers


Creation of consumer-friendly environment, provision of quality services and uninterrupted power supply to its customers is top priority of FESCO board; said Chairman Board of Directors (BODs) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Malik Muhammad Tahsin Awan. In this connection, all the resources are being utilized including the use of modern technology, Automated Metering, ERP, training of FESCO staff on modern lines and other measures will make the company an exemplary department. He expressed these views while meeting with various delegations that came to the FESCO headquarters to congratulate him on taking over the charge as Chairman BOD. Throughout the day, people from different walks of life gathered and congratulated the Chairman FESCO Board of Directors on assuming the new responsibilities and expressed their best wishes. They said that Malik Tahsin Awan is an all-rounder, experienced, intelligent and far-sighted decision-making personality. New FESCO Board of Directors will take its best and beneficial actions for customers and employees.


Provision of the uninterrupted power supply and best customer services to the consumers is top priority of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) said, Chairman Board of Directors (BODs) FESCO Malik Muhammad Tahsin Awan. He said that board is implementing "Zero tolerance" policy against corruption; he was addressing a press conference at FESCO headquarters here today. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO, Egnr. Bashir Ahmed and City President PML (N) were also present at the press conference. He disclosed that during the next year, different projects including 11 new grids, 529 Kilometer new transmission lines, 47 new feeders and 700 LT proposals would complete  with an estimated cost of Rs.9  billion and the completion of these projects would helpful to stabilize the FESCO distribution system. The recruitment process for 86 posts of grades 17 will be completed in the next 60 days while the recruitment process for more than 4700 posts will be started very soon. Allied Mor and Gokhwaal, Kot Momin, Bhabra, Kalor Kot, Hyderabad Thal, Mankira, Chidhru, Sarai Mahajar, Katha Sangral and Jakhar grid station will be constructed to meet the increasing electricity needs of industrial, agricultural sector and business development in various districts across the FESCO region. He further said that the capacity of the power transformers installed at the 11 grid stations at Faisalabad, Bhalwal, Mianwali, Khewa and various districts will be increased with heavy transformers, while 100 capacitors will also be installed on different grids to help improve the voltage of consumers. He said that total estimated cost for completion of these projects is about Rs.6 billion. He said that in first phase of the Automated Metering Infrastructure Project, 16066 agriculture and industrial consumers would shift to the Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with an estimated cost of Rs.368 million and scope of AMI will be extended to all industrial/agricultural consumers which would be helpful to consumers meter reading issues. Chairman FESCO Board Malik Tahsin Awan further said that in the light of the directives of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division), Government of Pakistan, FESCO administration has so far received applications from thousands of candidates for the recruitment of 86 posts of grade 17 till 16 October 2022. The recruitment process for 86 posts will be completed within the next 60 days. Similarly, the FESCO administration has requested the Ministry of Energy for the recruitment of about 4 thousand 7 hundred vacant posts of Grade 1 to 16. After receiving the approval from the Ministry, the recruitment process will be started soon for recruitment on these posts, which will not only help FESCO to improve its administrative affairs but also provide employment opportunities to the educated youth. Malik Tahsin Awan further said that the special teams of FESCO are working on a war footing for correcting hazardous points across the region for the safety of public. The services of a consultant firm have been hired to fix the tangled and unruly wires at various points, shop sheds and remove the electrical disruptions faced by the public, he added. Recently, 147 operational vehicles have been provided to the field formations of eight districts to increase the efficiency of FESCO field staff and to resolve customer complaints immediately, which are proving to be very helpful in better customer service/customer care. He further informed that modern QR machines have been installed in Customer Care Centers of all Sub Divisional Offices of FESCO region for the convenience of customers while FESCO's Android mobile app "FESCO Light" is also working to solve problems at home, on which users can also benefit from other facilities besides registering their complaints.  In addition, 118 services for redressal of customer complaints and 8118 for SMS have been linked with PITC, he added. Training of 740 employees of different levels has been completed in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the FESCO staff, keeping in view the safety process in particular. Similarly, a five-day skill development program has been organized for 424 employees of FESCO to increase the working capacity of employees in various departments. During the last three months, about one hundred officers have been trained in their relevant fields at different universities including Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM), he added. He ordered to hold open courts on weekly basis and said that problems of the industrial, commercial and agricultural consumers would resolved on top priority basis. New housing colony would be established for the FESCO staff while they would also be equipped with electric motorcycles, uniform and safety gadgets of international standard. Environment-friendly electric buses will be received as a gift from the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the transportation of employees' children. The problems of the FESCO manpower would solve immediately after the consultations of the CBA union. 


All possible measures will be adopted for the welfare and provision of quality service to the FESCO consumers said Chairman Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BODs) Malik Muhammad Tahsin Awan, he was addressing to the staff of FESCO Bandala sub division. Executive Engineer (XEN) FESCO Chak Jhumra Division Faisal Shafi Rana and Sub Divisional Officer Bandala Sub Division Wasim Bari were also present during the visit. He warned that strict action would be initiated against the officers and officials who failed to resolve customer complaints immediately. Chairman Board Malik Muhammad Tahsin Awan further said that registration of consumers' complaints should be ensured on a daily basis with accurate data & time and electricity related complaints should be attended immediately and feedback should be taken from consumers through phone after resolving the complaint. At this occasion, he also checked the complaints register and different sections of the subdivision. He also directed the staff to use complete  T&P and other  safety gadgets while working on electricity lines. Meanwhile, XEN FESCO Chak Jhamra Division Faisal Shafi Rana briefed Chairman Board Malik Muhammad Tahsin Awan about the performance of the staff, the nature of the complaints filed on daily basis and the procedure for their solution.


Chairman Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BODs) Malik Muhammad Tahsin Alvi said that all officers and officials should resolve the consumers' complaints on top priority basis and make consumers satisfaction as their motto, he expressed these views on the occasion of a visit to the Regional Customer Care Center FESCO here today. Board members Iftikhar Ahmed Ansari, Numan Khalid, Ali Ranjha and Raja Amir Hamza were also with him during the visit. He further said that the consumers are the most precious assets of the FESCO, they will provide all possible facilities & better customer care, which would enhance the prestige of the department. Similarly, the Board of Directors will provide all possible support for providing the best services to the consumers & development of the organization and this will continue in the future as well, he added. He also checked the performance of the state of the art QR machine and  token machine installed at Regional Customer Care Center and asked questions from staff. Later, he also visited the Distribution Control Center (DCC) FESCO and other offices at FESCO headquarters and issued instructions to the concerned officers for further improvement. On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmad gave briefing to Chairman Board Malik Muhammad Tahsin Alvi said that FESCO administration is providing convenience for both the consumers and the department by utilizing IT in view of modern and changing needs. He further said that Modern QR machines have been installed at all Customer Care Centers of FESCO region for the convenience of customers, while FESCO's Android mobile app "FESCO Light" is also working to facilitate consumers at homes. Earlier, on the arrival of Chairman Board Malik Muhammad Tahsin Alvi at the FESCO headquarters, people from different walks of life congratulated him and informed him about their problems; on this he immediately issued orders to resolve the problems of consumers immediately.



Malik Muhammad Tahseen Alvi has taken over the charge as new chairman of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Board of Directors (BODs). Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO, Engr. Bashir Ahmed and other officers warmly welcomed the new chairman of BOD. At this occasion, former MNA Haji Akram Ansari, MPA Sheikh Ejaz and others welcomed his appointment as FESCO BOD chairman and said that it is the result of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif's people-friendly policies that the appointment of consumer friendly heads of institutions has been implemented. Later, first introductory meeting of the Board of Directors was held at the FESCO headquarters, under the chair of Chairman FESCO BOD, Malik Muhammad Tahseen Alvi. Board Director Mahfouz Ahmed Bhatti, Engineer Muhammad Babar Ikram, Raja Ameer Hamza, Iftikhar Ahmed Ansari, Nouman Khalid, Muhammad Momin Javed, Rab Nawaz, Muhammad Humair Hayat Khan, Ali Ranjha, Mian Farrukh Iqbal, Muhammad Anwar Sheikh and Miss Lubna Osman were also present in the introductory meeting. During his address, Chairman Malik Muhammad Tahseen Alvi said that the board would utilize all available resources to provide better facilities to its customers and staff. He further said that provision of quality service to the consumers would be the top priority of the board so that a better image of FESCO could be emerged. He ordered to ensure the uninterrupted power supply to the consumers. All possible measures would be adopted to ensure the availability of these state-of-the-art facilities to the consumers because their satisfaction is a testament of the company's performance. Earlier, CEO FESCO Engr. Bashir Ahmad gave a detailed briefing to the introductory meeting of the new BOD about the operation of the company and its scope and said that FESCO has a prominent position among all Distribution Companies (DISCOs) due to the tireless efforts of its officers and officials. He said that FESCO jurisdiction is consisting upon eight districts while its recovery is 100%. . He said that the staff of customer service centers are busy around the clock resolving consumers' electricity related complaints on priority basis while purchasing materials for new connections is also being done. 

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