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198 power pilferers caught red handed in FESCO region during the first four days of February and imposed them 1.9 million  in shape of detection bills while FIR register against the 15 consumers involved in the power theft under the new amended electricity act and electricity connections of all power pilferers have been disconnected. According to details, on special directives of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) special task forces are initiating strict action against the power theft in all over the FESCO region and grand combing operation is continued in all eight district of FESCO including Faisalabad, Chiniot, Toba Tek Singh, Sargodha, Jhang, Khushab, Mianwali and Bhakkar. During the action 198 power pilferers were apprehended while stealing electricity direct from PVC cable, slowness of electricity meter and meter body tempering. These consumers were imposed penalty worth 1.9 million in shape of detection bills while FIR registered against the 14 power thieves. The special campaign would continue till the complete elimination of power theft in FESCO region.


Totally 927 power pilferers caught red handed in FESCO region during the month of January and imposed fine 25.2 million in shape of detection bill consisting upon 1.7 million units and recovered 14.6 million while register FIR against 250 power thieves under the new electricity act while electricity connections of power pilferers have also been disconnected. According to details, on the special directives of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Mujahid Islam Billah special teams are taking strict action against the power theft in FESCO region on daily basis and has started grand combing operation against the power pilferers. Special teams of FESCO first circle caught603 power pilferers and imposed fine of Rs.13.2 and recovered 6.9 million and register FIRs against the 45 consumers. Similarly, special teams of second circle caught 59 consumers red handed while stealing electricity and register FIRs against 22 power thieves. These pilferers was imposed 2.2 million in shape of detection and recovered 0.6 million. In Jhang circle 140 power pilferers were caught by special teams and FIRs were register against 94 consumers while fine was imposed worth 6.2 million in shape of detection bills was imposed and recovered 4.3 million. In Sargodha circle special teams caught 125 electricity thieves and register FIRs against the 89 consumers while imposed fine 3.5 million in shape of detection bills and recovered 2.6 million. These power pilferers were involved in electricity theft through direct from PVC cable, slowness of meter and meter body tempering.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has directed the electricity consumers to follow the instructions, issued by the FESCO to save them from any mishap during the current rainy season. According to the FESCO spokesman consumers should not use metal wire to dry the cloths because electricity current easily embedded in metal wires while three pins plug should be use for iron, washing machine, refrigerators, water pump and other electricity gadgets and it should be properly earthed, any fault in electricity wiring should be immediately removed. In addition, dry cloth, blanket, wood piece and rubber sole shoe should be used while ironing the cloth and don’t touch the electricity switch, wire and gadget in case of wet hands, cloths or shoe. It is further directed that don’t bind the animal with stay wire of electricity poles and under the high tension lines because it could be cause of any calamity. In case of current in electricity pole, electricity wiring, wall or fallen electricity wires then immediately inform at toll free No. 080066554 or FESCO emergency No.118 so that it could be redressed immediately and till the arrival of FESCO staff do not touch any wire or pole. In this connection Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah made an appeal to public that they should follow the FESCO instructions so that they could be saved from any accident. He said that public safety is also FESCO obligation along with provision of the continuous and uninterrupted power supply to them.


Provision of quality service to the consumers is our top priority and we have to make unanimous efforts for the elimination of corruption and improvement of all departments said Federal Ministry for Energy Umer Ayub, he was addressing during the visit of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Headquarters here today. He appreciated the FESCO performance and said that other Distribution Companies (DISCOs) should follow it. He said that he believes on merit, accountability, transparency and complete elimination of corruption. He also appreciated the best performance of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah and his team and directed to maintain it in future. Federal Secretary for Energy Irfan Ali said that Chief Minister Task Force has constituted for the elimination of power pilferage from Punjab and there would be full support of the law enforcement agencies against the power pilferers. He said that strict action would be initiated against the official involved in corruption. Earlier, CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah briefed the Federal Minister about the performance of FESCO and said that FESCO best performance is the result of team efforts of Board of Directors. He said that FESCO is utilizing all its resources for promotion of safety culture, elimination of power pilferage, improvement of system and redress of consumers’ complaints on top priority. Chief Executive Power Information Technology Imtiaz Ahmed, General Manager PEPCO Saqib Jamal, FESCO GMs, Chief Engineers and other officers were also present on this occasion. Later, Federal Minister Energy Umer Ayub and Secretary Irfan Ali planted a tree and pray for the country.



On special directives of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) and Ministry of Energy Power Division, crackdown against the power theft is at full swing in FESCO. During the month of September in eight districts of FESCO region including Faisalabad, Jhang, Sargodha, Toba Tek Singh, Chiniot, Mianwali, Bhakkar and Khushab thousands of electricity connections were checked by the FESCO staff and 408 consumers found involved in power theft through different sources, thus FESCO imposed penalty worth 22.2 million in shape of detection bills while FESCO has received 3.6 million. In addition, FESCO submitted application for registration of FIRs against 265 power pilferers under the new amended act in concern police stations and got registration of FIRs against the 63 power pilferers under section 462-J. under this section punishment of 2 years imprisonment or one million penalty or both could be awarded. In this connection, CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah said that power theft is a nation crime and campaign against power theft would be continued in FESCO till the complete elimination of power theft from FESCO. He also made an appeal to the FESCO consumers to inform about the power theft immediately at hot line of Ministry of Energy Power Division 051-9103888, FESCO Toll Free No. 080066554 or concern Sub Divisional office so that instantly action could be initiated against power pilferers.


Although uninterrupted power supply is our professional liability but protection of human life is our religious obligation and need of our family and life of any human being should not be victim of any negligence said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Mujahid Islam Billah, he was addressing a Safety Seminar at WAPDA Engineering Academy (WEA) jointly arranged by the FESCO first and second circle. CEO further said that "No operating conditions or urgency of service can ever justify endangering the life of anyone. He said that FESCO is spending millions of rupees every year for purchase of safety gadgets for the protection of lives of line staff. He directed the line staff not to work on live lines without safety measures because it is against the safety policy and overconfidence is also another fact of fatal and non fatal accidents. He said that line staff including all field staff should start their assignments with holy name of Allah so that they could be saved from any fatal or non fatal accident. He said that FESCO is first time obtaining the services of a professional psychologist and motivational speakers in Safety Seminar so that a comprehensive policy could be introduced to save the line staff from any kind of accident. During the his speech Superintending Engineers (SE) first circle Ch Ilyas Ghuman said that many workers have to face different fatal and non fatal accidents due to negligence and overconfidence which not only deprived of the company from professional line man but also creates distress for their families. Dr Zia Razzaq a psychologist also addressed the Seminar and directed the line staff how to overcome the Psychiatric issues while performing the duty. He said that mental stress causes the accidents for line staff while working on live lines. Deputy Director Safety Saeed Raza said that UPS, Generators and dual sources could be cause of back feeding which could cause of fatal accident so line staff should earth the line from both sides so that there should be no doubt of any kind of risk. The seminar was attended by the Sub Divisional Officers (SDOs) of first & Second Circle, official of CBA union and large number of line staff.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Mujahid Islam Billah has contributed rupees 13.2 million from FESCO officers & official for the Dams fund, constituted by the Chief Justice of Pakistan & Prime Minister of Pakistan for construction of Diamer Basha & Mohmand dam. The officers of FESCO region donated two days while officials for one day salary for dams fund. FESCO has become first company among all (Distribution Companies) DISCOs who had announced donations for construction of dams. During a ceremony held here at FESCO HQ, CEO FESCO handed over the pay order to the regional head of MCB Mr Muhammad Shafiq. At his occasion he said that water is a most valuable gift of God for human being and construction of news dams is inevitable for survival of Pakistan which would be helpful to put the country on way to progress and development. He also assured full cooperation from the FESCO officers and officials for such national causes in future also.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has established a special desk at FESCO headquarters to ensure the uninterrupted power supply during polling day of general election in all over the FESCO region. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah would monitor the performance of this cell while on the direction of Election Commission FESCO has already published the photos and written procedures how to cost vote on the backside of the electricity bills to guide the voters and also delivered the electricity bills in FESCO region. According to the FESCO spokesman, CEO FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah has issued orders to establish emergency desks and squads at circle and sub divisional to ensure the continuous electricity supply during the general election while Chief Engineers (CEs) and Executive Engineers (XENs) would monitor the complaint centers personally during the polling day and keep close contact with local administration. On the directives of CEO, holidays of the field staff have been cancelled while additional electricity meters, transformers and cables have been provided at all operational offices to cope with any emergency situation. CEO FESCO made an appeal to the consumers to contact at their concern sub divisional office number in case of any electricity related complaint so that their complaints could be redressed at priority.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company FESCO officers, FESCO Engineers Association,   Hydro Electric Central Workers Union (CBA) FESCO Faisalabad and officials has unanimously announced to contribute for construction of Diamir Bhasha & Mohmind Dam. In this connection, FESCO officers three days pay while officials would deposit one day pay in dam fund. This fund was established by Supreme Court of Pakistan for construction of Diamir Bhasha & Mohmind dam. In this context Chief Executive Officer FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah said that construction of dams is need of hour and we should contribute maximum for construction of dams as national obligation.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) spokesman said that current intense heat wave has extremely increased the electricity demand. FESCO administration is striving hard to ensure the uninterrupted power supply to its consumers during Sehar, Iftar and Taraveeh. FESCO is implementing minimum load management plan for its consumers. Chie Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah appealed the consumers to avoid the unnecessary use of electricity, especially during peak hours motor pump and iron should be used very least and do not use the decorative lights. Use of room cooler should be preferred instead of AC and everybody should be electricity conscious. He said that efficient use of electricity is need of the hour and thus we can save money also. He said that save a unit of electricity is better than to generate it because huge amount has to spend for generation of an electricity unit. He said that it would be helpful to provide the uninterrupted power supply to the consumers during holy month of Ramzan. He said that special teams have been constituted for provision of best services to consumers and to redress the individual complaints of consumers immediately. Consumers can contact at toll free No.080066554 or 118 in case of any complaint.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is utilizing all its resources for the promotion of sports and welfare of the players because sports play pivotal role for the establishment of the health society & body said, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FESCO Mujahid Islam Billah, he was addressing the closing ceremony of the 9th All FESCO Employees Cricket Tournament. He said that FESCO is performing key role in the development of sports and FESCO players received honor at national and international level and brought good name to company. He said that welfare of players is his top priority and such activities would be continued in future. He also announced for the construction of pavilion and installation of lights in FESCO ground. He directed the FESCO players to practice with more hard work and dedication and prepare themselves for matches against LESCO and IESCO. He also appreciated the efforts of DG Human Resources Ch. M Ali, Director HR Ather Ayub, SO to CEO Abird Rashid and other members of the organizing committee for successful holding of tournament and said that they should continue their efforts for healthy sports activities. DG (HR) Ch Muhammad Ali also appreciated the unforgettable efforts of FESCO for sports and said that FESCO always played the role of nursery for new comers. He directed the players to work hard for more achievements. Earlier, officers’ final match played between CEO II and CFO II which won by CEO II while employees finale match played between Kamalia Division and GM Abad Division. Final match won by Kamalia Division by 2 runs. At the end of ceremony CEO Mujahid Islam Billah awarded trophy to tournament winning team. A large number of employees were also present to witness the match.

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